The Tale of The Flying Gurney, and Other Events That Should Never Happen, But Still Do

While hospitals do their best to limit the number of so-called “never events” that happen to their patients, recent events show that there is still work to be done.

In patient safety circles, “never events” are mistakes that should simply never happen—seemingly commonsense mistakes such as a surgeon accidentally leaving a scalpel inside a patient, a newborn infant given to the wrong parents, or any death of a patient due to the gross negligence of a caregiver.

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How Hospitals Are Failing Black Mothers

Researchers have found that women who deliver at these so-called “black-serving” hospitals are more likely to have serious complications — from infections to birth-related embolisms to emergency hysterectomies — than mothers who deliver at institutions that serve fewer black women.

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CDC Launches Campaign To Catch Sepsis Early

A study released by the CDC found that seven in 10 patients with sepsis had recently used healthcare services or had a chronic disease requiring frequent medical care, indicating that there are opportunities to detect the infection before it’s too late.

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