• How to Keep Your Nurse Governance System Effective and Dynamic

    In 2017, a redesigned governance structure rolled out, featuring an inclusive approach, rather than the previous leadership-driven, top-down model, and requiring active engagement of clinical nursing staff in shared decision-making. UVMMC’s new structure was designed to offer nurses more autonomy than ever before.

  • AIHA Voices Concerns About COVID-19 ETS

    AIHA argued the ETS does not recognize that all healthcare workers are at risk of inhalation exposure given the strong possibility for pre- or asymptomatic transmission in healthcare settings. OSHA should consider the likelihood of aerosol inhalation, as well as droplet transmission of SARS-CoV-2, in its rulemaking, according to the group.

  • Physician Group Capitalizing on Care Coordination and Patient Outreach

    Kingsport, Tennessee–based Holston Medical Group has developed a robust care coordination and patient outreach program combined with data analytics to target individual patients. The physician group operates 50 clinics in eastern Tennessee and southwestern Virginia.

  • How Predictive Analytics in Nurse Staffing Saves One Hospital $1M Each Year

    After wrestling with staffing issues that placed too many nurses on a unit one hour and too few the next, Tower Health took a deep dive into staffing and workforce optimization using predictive algorithms and surfaced with major cost savings, a more efficient staffing plan, and greater nurse job satisfaction.

  • Healthcare Leaders Identify Top Digital Transformation Priorities

    Research by digital health company Lumeon identified top digital transformation priorities, as picked by C‑suite leaders at U.S. hospitals. The list includes short- and long-term goals to make care more positive and efficient. The report reveals that as the U.S. emerges from the pandemic, and hospitals’ key aims continue to be increasing patient volumes and revenue, digital transformation will continue to be ever more important in achieving those aims.