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    Use of Evidence-Based Practice in Administration of Intravenous Push Medications

    IV Push medications can be particularly dangerous given their immediate bioavailability, the narrow therapeutic dose range, and the difficulty in reversing systemic effects after IV administration (ISMP, 2015). The use of evidence-based practice is especially important in IVP administration because of the potential for harm.

  • New CMS Vaccines Rule Soon May Apply to More Facilities

    The changes to the Conditions of Participation (CoP) for those facilities primarily require vaccines to be offered to residents, clients, and staff when available. They also set education and CDC reporting requirements. While the rule covers only those two types of facilities so far, CMS notes in the rule it may want to expand those requirements to other healthcare organizations, including psychiatric hospitals and inpatient hospice facilities.

  • Check Your State’s Pandemic Plan to Ensure No Conflicts With 1135 Waivers

    If your healthcare organization has taken advantage of federal 1135 blanket waivers during the national public health emergency (PHE), be sure to review those waivers as you prepare for survey to check if any were inconsistent with requirements under your state emergency or pandemic plan.

  • PSQH: The Podcast, Episode 28 – Nursing’s Role In Patient Safety and Quality

    On episode 28 of PSQH: The Podcast, Lori Armstrong, CEO and chief clinical officer of Inspire Nurse Leaders, talks about the role of nursing in patient safety. This episode is presented as part of National Nurses Week in partnership with Capella, Fresenius Kabi, symplr, and Vocera.

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    3 Ways You Can Empower Your Nurses

    By Strategic Education, Inc. and Capella University In the field of nursing, self-empowerment is more than just a feel-good concept. While empowerment in other occupations can result in greater job satisfaction and a heightened sense of professional worth, in nursing it’s a different matter. For the nurses on your staff, it can be a matter … Continued