Q&A: Active Shooter Response and Prevention

This Q&A was taken from the ASHE webinar, “Active Shooter – Best Practices for the Worst Case,” with speakers Kevin M. Tuohey, executive director for research compliance at Boston University & Boston Medical Center; Constance Packard, CHPA, executive director, support services for Boston Medical Center/Boston University Medical Campus; and Thomas Smith, CHPA, CPP, owner of Healthcare Security Consultants, Inc.

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Common Ways Pests Gain Access to Your Health Care Facility

Pests can run, crawl, fly and hitch-hike their way into your facility. Some paths are obvious like a door which is left open or poorly sealed, and some not so obvious. Here is a list of the ways pests can enter your facility and the methods for prevention.

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Checklists and Robots Make It Easier To Clean Patient Rooms

Healthcare systems deal with the perennial problem of properly cleaning and disinfecting patient rooms, both while they are occupied and upon discharge when getting ready for new occupants.

Unfortunately, it’s not a cut-and-dry process, and most hospitals don’t have a set protocol for making sure all surfaces are cleaned the same way.

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Preventing Fires in the OR

An unplanned fire is the ultimate sign that things have gone sideways.
Despite being labeled a never event and countless regulations on how to prevent them, fires still break out in hospitals. Between 2012 and 2014 there were 5,700 medical facility fires reported to fire departments.

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Harvey, Irma, and Maria: Questions Hospitals Need to Answer Before a Hurricane Hits

Medical facilities that sit in hurricane-prone regions know to remain prepared before, during, and after the regular storm season, which extends from June 1 to December 1. But Harvey and Irma struck with surprising speed and strength, leaving many facilities with one question: How can a hospital possibly prepare for an event of such magnitude?

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Assessing Linen Safety After A Flood

As the hurricane season continues to interrupt day-to-day normalcy for millions in and around the Caribbean, healthcare organizations in the affected areas—and elsewhere—should take steps to ensure that their linens remain safe for patient use.

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