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Healthcare is suffering from a patient identity crisis. Here’s how we can cure it
Whitepapers Patient Safety
Jan/Feb IFS – From Medicine to the Cloud: Technology in Healthcare Whitepapers Technology
Sponsored by - Imprivata
Ponemon Institute: 2016 National Patient Misidentification Report
Whitepapers Patient Safety, Quality Improvement
May/June IFS – Infection Control: UV Technology Helps Hospitals and Clinics Fight the War Against Infections From Ebola to C. difficile Whitepapers Infection Control
Sponsored by - Kronos
Strengthening Nurse Manager Engagement: Using Technology to Relieve Administrative Burden
Whitepapers Leadership, Technology
Sponsored by - RL Solutions
On the Frontlines of Quality Care: Tales and Tips from Healthcare Organizations Dedicated to Quality Improvement
Whitepapers Quality Improvement
Sponsored by - Vocera, now part of Stryker
Saving Time, Saving Lives: How Technology is Transforming Sepsis Care
Whitepapers Patient Safety, Quality Improvement, Technology
Sponsored by - Imprivata
Patient Identification and the Benefits of Biometrics: Innovative healthcare organizations are adopting more accurate, faster, and secure technologies
Whitepapers Patient Safety, Quality Improvement, Technology
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How to Stop Making Patients Pay the Price for Poor Communications
Whitepapers Environment and Facilities, Patient Safety, Workplace Safety
When Face-to-Face Isn’t an Option – Exploring the future of telehealth and remote care during COVID-19 and beyond Whitepapers Patient Safety, Technology