Are the Days of Needle-Free Blood Draws Close?

The Houston-based group International Safety Center in July 2017 released surveillance data from hospitals in 2015 that showed a marked increase in injuries from sharps and needlesticks sustained by training physicians (i.e., residents and interns) compared to 2014, and an overall increase in injuries sustained in the operating room.

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The Tale of The Flying Gurney, and Other Events That Should Never Happen, But Still Do

While hospitals do their best to limit the number of so-called “never events” that happen to their patients, recent events show that there is still work to be done.

In patient safety circles, “never events” are mistakes that should simply never happen—seemingly commonsense mistakes such as a surgeon accidentally leaving a scalpel inside a patient, a newborn infant given to the wrong parents, or any death of a patient due to the gross negligence of a caregiver.

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