Survey: Majority of Americans Concerned About Healthcare Worker Burnout

In the ASHP survey, a quarter of Americans said they believe hospital pharmacists (26%) and retail pharmacists (25%) are often burned out. The AJHP study found that pharmacists say burnout is driven by increased workloads, periodic drug shortages, and demands from electronic health records, insurance, and regulatory requirements.

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Talk Down: Joint Commission on De-escalation

The Joint Commission (TJC) released a new report on January 28: Quick Safety 47: De-escalation in Healthcare. This report discusses better training to mitigate such situations. The accreditor writes that as violence against nurses, doctors, and healthcare staff becomes more prevalent, the need for mitigation is greater than ever. Violence and assault are perpetual risks for anyone working in healthcare, particularly nurses and nursing assistants.

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Utilization and Communication are key elements to a successful UVC disinfection program

By: Alice Brewer In order to have a successful UVC disinfection program, several steps must be taken to ensure that a hospital maximizes its investment in the infection prevention technology. Among those include a bundled approach to infection prevention, a comprehensive program with buy in from all departments, communication and education as well as monitoring … Continued

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