AAMC Announces “Best Practices for Better Care” Campaign

Washington, D.C., March 30, 2011—The AAMC (Association of American Medical Colleges) announced a new multi-year effort, Best Practices for Better Care, that harnesses the unique missions of academic medicine—medical education, patient care, and research—and applies them to the challenges of improving quality and safety in health care.

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ISMP: Oops, Sorry, Wrong Patient!


Oops, Sorry, Wrong Patient!

Applying the JCAHO “two-identifier” rule beyond the patient’s room

When we think of “wrong patient” errors, the most common scenario that comes to mind is a nurse walking into a patient’s room and administering medications intended for one patient to another patient — often a roommate. However, “wrong patient” errors occur in a variety of ways.

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Implementation of Program for Operating Room Staff that Emphasizes Teamwork Associated with Reductions in Surgical Deaths

Hospitals that had operating room personnel participate in a medical team training program that incorporates practices of aviation crews, such as training in teamwork and communication, had a lower rate of surgical deaths compared to hospitals that did not participate in the program, according to a study in the October 20 issue of JAMA.

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