Patient Safety Awareness Week Resources

By Jay Kumar

Patient Safety Awareness Week (PSAW) is coming to a close, but the focus on patient safety and healthcare quality will continue on as always. Thanks to all the dedicated professionals who work in healthcare organizations to provide top-notch care. We highlighted some of these efforts this week and will continue to do so.

Thanks to our partners this week for their support: GOJO, the makers of Purell; IAC; Nuance; and Origami Risk.

In Friday’s issue of Patient Safety & Quality Insider, we’re recapping the content we ran this week for PSAW. That includes:

Patient Safety Awareness Week [Special Report]

Ready, Set, Grow: Planting Seeds for Successful Change, presented in partnership with GOJO, the makers of Purell

PSQH: The Podcast Episode 74 – The Quality Roadmap for Ambulatory Health Organizations

Improving Patient Safety: The Challenges and How to Make an Impact, presented in partnership with Nuance

Patient Safety NOW online summit

Healthcare Risk Management Technology Supports Patient Safety Culture, presented in partnership with Origami Risk

PSQH Quick Poll: Taking the Pulse of Patient Safety

Facilities Demonstrate a Commitment to Quality and Patient Safety Through IAC Accreditation, presented in partnership with IAC