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Sponsored by - Quest Diagnostics
The Value of Laboratory Expertise and Data Insights for Health Plans
Whitepapers Quality Improvement
May/June IFS: Hand Washing Rates Still Challenge Hospital Staff Whitepapers Environment and Facilities, Infection Control, Patient Safety
Sponsored by - Optum
Providers Power up Analytics to Optimize Revenue, Improve Patient Outcomes
Whitepapers Quality Improvement
Sponsored by - Minitab
Quality Improvement in Healthcare: Providers Have to Do It
Whitepapers Leadership, Quality Improvement
Sponsored by - Spok
The 2017 Hospital’s Guide to Secure Mobile Messaging Success
Whitepapers Quality Improvement, Technology
Sponsored by - CipherHealth
March/April IFS – Innovation and Design Thinking as a Tool in the Nursing Unit
Whitepapers Environment and Facilities, Quality Improvement
Patient Satisfaction vs. Quality: The Whys, Pros, and Cons Whitepapers Patient Safety, Quality Improvement
Sponsored by - Riskonnect
On-demand: The Three Victims of Medical Errors: How Supporting the Second can Help the Third and the First
Webinars Patient Safety, Quality Improvement, Risk Management
Sponsored by - Imprivata
On-demand: Eliminating patient misidentification and preparing for Medicare ID card changes with positive patient identification
Webinars Patient Safety, Quality Improvement, Technology
Sponsored by - Dude Solutions
Healthcare Ops Management: 5 Important Trends to Watch in 2017
Whitepapers Quality Improvement, Technology