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A Developing Mindset: Patients as Consumers

Several recent innovations are coming together to create a perfect storm in the healthcare marketplace, moving the reins firmly from the hands of providers and insurers into the hands of consumers. Now, more than ever, consumers have greater control over where they seek medical care  ̶  a shift that is making patient satisfaction, safety and quality of care more important priorities for healthcare facilities.

As the industry moves more toward this patient-centric mindset and model, healthcare organizations should be focused on what makes for the best patient experience and outcome.

While the patient experience is typically tied closest to nurses, doctors and other clinical staff, maintenance and operations professionals also play a critical, yet often underappreciated role. Leveraging operations staff and data can help hospitals stay on top of maintenance, compliance and the environment of care to keep the focus where it should be ̶ on the patients.

What can you do to stay ahead in this brave new world of treating the patient as a consumer? Download this whitepaper now to find out.

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