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Sponsored by - Imprivata
On-demand: Right Place, Wrong Patient: Prescriptions for Avoiding Patient ID Errors
Webinars Patient Safety, Quality Improvement
Sponsored by - Quest Diagnostics
Risk-sharing Readiness: Rallying Physicians, Teams, and Technology
Whitepapers Risk Management, Team Training
Sponsored by - Minitab
The Heart of the Matter: Hospital’s Improved Diagnostic Process Saves Lives and Money
Whitepapers Patient Safety, Technology
USP <800>: Hazardous Drug Compliance and Safety in 2018 Webinars Accreditation & Regulation, Medication Safety
Sponsored by - Voalte
On-demand: How Avera Health Is Connecting Caregivers and Improving Patient Outcomes
Webinars Quality Improvement, Technology
Sept/Oct IFS: Unlocking the Root Cause Analysis Wisdom in RCA² Whitepapers Accreditation & Regulation, Patient Safety, Quality Improvement
Sponsored by - Dude Solutions
A Developing Mindset: Patients as Consumers
Whitepapers Patients as Partners
Sponsored by - Spok
How to Stop Making Patients Pay the Price for Poor Communications
Whitepapers Environment and Facilities, Patient Safety, Workplace Safety
Sponsored by - RL Solutions
On the Frontlines of Quality Care: Tales and Tips from Healthcare Organizations Dedicated to Quality Improvement
Whitepapers Quality Improvement
Sponsored by - Dude Solutions
On-demand: Patients as Consumers: Elevating the Role of Maintenance by Tying Operations to Patient Care
Webinars Patient Safety, Quality Improvement