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2018 Annual Patient Safety & Quality Industry Outlook

The report examines the results of PSQH’s first survey of patient safety and quality professionals on issues that affect them directly. These include creating a culture of safety, patient satisfaction, patient engagement, clinical outcomes, infection control, data analytics, and second victim support. The report provides insight into the biggest patient safety and quality concerns of healthcare organizations and outlines the areas in which improvement is necessary.

What you’ll learn:

  • Survey respondents are focusing on developing a culture of safety to improve patient safety and quality. This is an organization wide effort.
  • Organizations say they need to work on patient engagement, with improvement needed in patient safety, patient satisfaction, clinical outcomes, and making patients active participants in their care.
  • Organizations are making progress on the use of data analytics to improve patient safety and quality, but improvement is still needed when it comes to presenting findings, the type of analysis to run, and identifying key data
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