• HAIs Can Cause Emotional Pain, According to Study

    Researchers at Glasgow Caledonian University in Scotland looked at 17 studies from five different countries that examined five different HAIs, with a focus on patient experiences of colonization and infection from bacteria that commonly cause HAIs.

  • Study Spotlights Common Infection Transmission Mistakes Made by Hospitals

    The study looked at 325 patient rooms with precaution signage and found a variety of failures in infectious agent transmission precaution practices.

  • 5 Ways Nurses Can Improve Patient Mobility

    To ensure patients were getting the ambulation they needed to achieve optimal outcomes, the hospital revamped its mobility program, including creation of a designated mobility team.

  • New CMS Ligature Risk Guidance Refers to TJC Recommendations

    For now, assess your hospital’s environmental compliance against The Joint Commission’s recommendations, regardless of what organization you might use for accreditation, and be prepared to provide one-to-one observation of at-risk patients if you cannot provide a ligature-resistant environment, says one safety consultant.

  • CMS Reverses Plan to Cut Reporting of HAIs

    A new rule, published last week, restores reporting of data through the Inpatient Quality Reporting Program, including infection rates of Clostridium difficile, Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, and post-surgery sepsis.