• As the Threat of Sepsis Intensifies, Experts Push For a Faster Response

    A deadly infection that has lingered throughout healthcare for the last several decades is finding a foothold at the national level thanks to recently updated definitions that offer clinicians a more targeted approach for detection and prevention.

  • AHA Sends Second Appeal to Trump

    Pleading that the nation’s hospitals face a “substantial and unsustainable” regulatory burden, the American Hospital Association presented an eight-page list of remedies to the president-elect.

  • In Next Evolution of Healthcare, Will Quality Remain a Focus?

    Although there remain many unknowns about the impact President-elect Donald Trump will have on U.S. healthcare, one change seems certain: The Affordable Care Act (ACA) as we know it will face significant changes, if it is not repealed altogether.

  • Ambulatory Surgery Centers Survey Process Changes

    Starting January 1, 2017, two-thirds of ambulatory surgical centers (ASC) using the Medicare-deemed option may receive adjustments to their Joint Commission survey team structure and survey length.

  • CDC Study Shows Powerful Antibiotic Usage is Increasing

    Although overall antibiotic usage in U.S. hospitals has remained steady, the rate of powerful, broad spectrum antibiotics has increased at a worrisome rate, according to CDC researchers. A study published in JAMA Internal Medicine reviewed antibiotic usage in hospitals between 2006 and 2012, pulling data from 300 acute care hospitals that provided data for more … Continued