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On-demand: Safety is Now: Communication Strategies to Protect Patients and Care Teams

Program date/time: Wednesday, October 30th at 1 pm ET/12 pm CT

Every second counts when the well-being of clinicians and patients are at risk. That’s why health systems around the world make safety a top priority. For some hospitals, detecting sepsis can be challenging, but early detection is critical. In fact, mortality from sepsis increases by as much as 8 percent for every hour treatment is delayed. Learn how Augusta Health is leveraging Vocera technology to help save hundreds of lives that could have been lost to sepsis.

While nurses, doctors and other team members are protecting patients from sepsis, falls and other risks, who is taking care of theses caregivers? Workplace violence is four times more likely to happen in hospitals than in other workplaces. Rather than accept workplace violence as part of its staff members’ jobs, SUNY Upstate Medical University took a proactive approach with Vocera technology, and improved public safety officer response times to their emergency department by 68 percent.

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Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn how to proactively detect sepsis and alert the right people quickly to initiate treatment and reduce mortality rates.
  2. Identify solutions to increase patient and staff safety and elevate their sense of security.
  3. Outline communication strategies that can improve both patient and care team safety
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