On-demand: Professional Development: The Science of Safety in Quality Management and Patient Safety for Nurse Leaders

Program Date/Time: Thursday, Jan. 21, at 1 p.m. ET / 12 p.m. CT

The 2000 landmark IOM report To Err is Human catalyzed a focused interest in safety and medical errors within healthcare. While improvements in quality and patient safety have moved slowly, actual rates of harm seemed to stabilize. However, as demands for complex health services continued to grow exponentially, quality management and patient safety took a more centralized position for nurse leaders and clinicians, those closest to patients.

New challenges and potential for harm related to quality and safety are increasing. Safety science is an evolving science in which approaches to quality and safety is differentiated between identifying as few possibilities for what things might go wrong (Safety-I) and ensuring as many things as possible go right (Safety-II).

In this session, we will introduce Safety Science and explore some ways nurse leaders can develop their skills in navigating both approaches in maintaining high reliability in quality management and patient safety within their teams.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the evolving science of safety
  • Describe the difference between Safety-I and Safety-II
  • Explain the role of nurse leaders in quality management and patient safety
  • Discuss how nurse leaders can implement Safety-II within their teams
  • Explore multiple articles and resources related to the science of safety in quality management and patient safety

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