On-demand: Medical Error Prevention for Quality and Safety Leaders: The Medication Use Process

Program date/time: Thursday, December 17th at 1 pm ET/12 pm CT

Preventing medical errors is a major goal for all healthcare organizations. One major source of errors is through the medication use process, which begins prior to the procurement of the medication and continues after the medication has been administered. To limit medication errors, this process must be well thought out and appropriately implemented. Due to competing priorities and external factors, organizations are required to implement medication use processes quickly. Furthermore, shortcuts to methods to evaluate quality and performance might be adopted.

In this session, we will review medication use processes and consider various methods to hard wire patient safety into organizations.

Learning Objectives
At the conclusion of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Define aspects to the medication use process that are susceptible to medication errors
  • Understand the impact of variances in supply chain on medication errors
  • List approaches to hard wire medication safety into the organization
  • Understand the role of performance improvement and quality assurance in redefining medication-related processes towards safety


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