On-demand: Infection Control Risk Assessments: A Crucial Element of Patient Safety

Program Date/Time: Thursday, July 30th at 1 pm ET/12 pm CT

The Infection Control Risk Assessment has never had more meaning than it does today. What once was often viewed as a function of regulatory compliance, it now can make a true difference in outcomes at your facility. Interestingly, it no longer is the focus solely on healthcare facilities, but has permeated to businesses, schools,  government entities, etc. Clearly an Infection Control Risk Assessment will be one of the key buzz words as we move through 2020 and beyond. The focus of this discussion will be to:

  • Identify your core group that will lay the ground work for your assessment.
  • Discuss the importance of all necessary elements of the assessment:
  1. Facility outbreak investigations.
  2. Collaboration with local and state health departments.
  3. Market due diligence and research to further identify risks.
  4. Data audit and validation.
  5. Identification of action plans to mitigate infection risks that are specific to your entity.
  6. Implementation strategies that will be successful and met without barriers.
  • How to deliver your findings and be heard by leadership for successful implementation.

These assessments must be converted to a living document and the team should have ongoing interface. This will likely be one of the key paradigm shifts for Infection Preventionists,  Patient Safety Managers, and Quality Professionals. The call to action has never been more serious,  The focus never more needed as it is today.

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