On-Demand: Big Data: Too Much? Too Little? Or Just Enough! A Practical Discussion from the Quality & Risk Perspective

Program Date/Time: Tuesday, Dec. 14, at 1 p.m. ET / 12 p.m. CT

It’s a big deal: Big Data, that is. Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, Data Mining will all be a part of each of our futures – and for some of us, perhaps a big part of our present.  Leadership wants more data-driven decision making, the board has heard about the concept of Big Data and want to know what we are doing, IT is talking about data warehouses and data mines. And meanwhile, we sometimes can barely figure out the number of falls or pressure ulcers and if that is a problem or not – let alone get the monthly department and board reports out.

So, from the perspective of Quality and Risk management, where do we start as we think about Big Data and what it means to us? Of course, if we are doing research and we are mining data for answers to unknown questions, we want it all.  But from a very practical standpoint, many of us are looking at data from an operational perspective rather than research – and that’s a different world.

The goal of the session is not to learn how to “do” Big Data, but from an operational quality and risk perspective, to build our awareness and make sure we know if we have “just the right amount” of data, and to make sure we are using it effectively to help our organization make good decisions now and as we move into the Big future.

Learning Objectives:

In this session we will start with the basic questions: “How much data do we need? Do we have too much, too little or just enough?” and provide some basis and understanding to answer the questions:

  • What about our safety and incident reports? Do we have enough or too many?
  • What about our dashboards and quality measures: too many, too few?
  • Are we doing enough audits? How do we know?
  • How many years of data do we need?
  • Do we know what our data budget is?
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