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The 2017 Hospital’s Guide to Secure Mobile Messaging Success

A mobility strategy is a high-level framework built to guide mobile device selection and deployment, inventory, maintenance and management, security, and support. At the core, developing a mobility strategy is an exercise in designing the best ways to support mobile care teams and patients to achieve the best outcomes.

Most of the time this is equated to smartphones and person-to-person communications, but it’s important to also consider analytics, diagnostics, and the gathering of information. Whether monitoring a patient remotely using smart devices, or using a barcode scanner at the patient bedside, these types of use cases also fall under the domain of a comprehensive mobility strategy.

The most successful secure messaging implementations come from planning teams that include members from each of these areas as well as a thoughtful approach for achieving overarching hospital goals. This eBrief explores who, why, and what would be necessary for these projects, with a step-by-step guide for structuring a secure mobile messaging rollout.

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