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The PSO Opportunity: Clarity PSO’s 2017 Report to Healthcare Providers

In previous published reports, Clarity PSO has carefully mapped out the foundations of the PSO program, explaining what it is, what it does, and how providers can benefit from working with a federally listed PSO. In their latest report, Clarity PSO shares how they put their learnings into practice for their clients every day, and how their recommendations impact the culture behind their clients’ healthcare delivery models. Specifically the report examines some of the insights their clients have gained, and operational changes they have implemented as a result of their work with Clarity PSO.

This report covers the state of the National PSO Program today, touching on history, national standards & reporting, and legal issues, before getting into a deep discussion on quality and safety improvement from the provider perspective, including case studies directly from the front lines with Clarity PSO’s clients.

We encourage you to give it a read, and thank you for your interest in the latest report from Clarity PSO.

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