On-Demand: Automating Informed Consent – Moving from Paper to Electronic Consent Forms

Sponsored by: formfast

A patient’s consent is an integral part of any surgical or interventional procedure.  Providers have both a legal and ethical obligation to ensure that the elements of adequate informed consent are met and documented.

Many hospitals still collect patient signatures prior to procedures on paper consent forms.  Documents must be manually transported, scanned by hand, and archived often hours or even days after they are signed.  The inherent inefficiency of this process results in human error, lost documents, and delays in care.

Healthcare leaders want a more efficient, more compliant method of documenting consent to treatment.  Clinical leaders want a more streamlined workflow for staff and patients.  Risk, quality, and HIM managers want to ensure the document is properly archived.

In order to address these needs, many hospitals are finding eForms and workflow technologies are well-suited to replace the paper process and enable the standardization and efficiency they require.

In this webinar, speakers will:

  • Discuss the legal and ethical basis for the doctrine of informed consent
  • Identify operational issues which interfere with obtaining documentation of patient informed consent
  • Describe the role of automated informed consent as an emerging technology used in the informed consent documentation process
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