National Nurses Week Special Report


This eBook looks at addressing Non-Ventilator-Associated Hospital-Acquired Infection Prevention. Recent healthcare polices, such as the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) SEP-1, have not focused on the impact of non-ventilator-as-sociated hospital-acquired infections (NV-HAP) on sepsis rates. With a 36.3% sepsis rate in NV-HAP patients compared to 1.9% in those with community-acquired pneumonia, NV-HAP sees staggering 19-fold increase in sepsis incidence.


This eBook also covers how CNOs are tapping into nurse-led tech to combat workplace violence, as more and more studies find workplace violence is on the rise. And nurses, who are at the heart of care, are at especially high risk. The eBook will also include additional contributed content from our sponsors.


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