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Improve Patient Safety and Cut Costs with Single-Patient-Use ECG Cable and Lead Wire Systems

Single-patient-use ECG cable and lead wire systems, like Kendall DL™, offer many potential benefits compared to reusable lead wires, research has shown.

Reusable ECG lead wires are implicated in the transmission of hospital-acquired infections. Even when following best practices for infection prevention, it can be difficult to effectively keep reusable ECG lead wires pathogen free. Reusable ECG lead wires that were properly cleaned by hospital staff have been shown to remain a significant vector of HAIs.

Introducing single-patient-use lead wires has been shown to be cost-effective. The journal Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine found that transitioning to Kendall DL™ significantly reduced the cost of care for the hospital and helped increase patient quality of life.

Making the shift to Kendall DL ™, a single-patient-use ECG cable and lead wire system, has the potential to reduce infection in patients, quell burnout related to alarm fatigue in nurses and other staff, and save time and money by streamlining processes, all while working to improve patient safety.

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