How Nurse Leaders Operationally Impact Quality Improvement & Patient Safety in Healthcare


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Nurses cultivate and impact quality and safety initiatives to establish, build, and sustain highly reliable organizations across all environments of service and care. To succeed, leadership is critical when integrating elements of language, guidance, and strategy into related processes of quality management, staff and patient experience, and environmental safety.

Diana Swihart, PhD, DMin, MSN, APN CS, NPD-BC, P-PCA, FAAN, CEO & Managing Partner, American Academy for Preceptor Advancement (AAPA), will explain how to adapt tools such as Readiness Models and the Mental Health Environment of Care Checklist (MHEOCC) to engage nurses and nurse leaders provide multiple opportunities to examine and mature, communicate, and influence system operations, efficiency and effectiveness on quality improvement, and advance patient safety organizationally.



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