On-Demand: How Nurse Leaders Can Advance Excellence in Quality Improvement, High Reliability & Patient Safety

Program Date/Time: Tuesday, November 29, at 1 p.m. ET / 12 p.m. CT

A theme within the literature on safety and nursing strongly suggests nurses are key to EVERY quality and safety initiative and EVERY aspect of the quality and safety movements in highly reliable organizations.

Leadership is critical in that it places great responsibility on the profession and on nurse leaders at points of direct service and care as they continue to build their cultures of safety, quality, and high reliability. This creates opportunities for workers at every level of the organization to recognize and respond to the many stressors ground into everyday work, or work-as-done, rather than just from work-as-imagined.

People doing the work can then implement principles of high reliability and quality, Lean, the PDCA cycle, and other tools to capture, disseminate, and embed those cultures of quality and safety that continually build and advance operational excellence across healthcare organizations and systems.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the integration of the elements of nursing leadership, quality, patient safety, and high reliability in healthcare organizations
  • Identify at least three stressors or barriers nurses and nurse leaders are addressing as these constructs are being folded into their processes
  • Discuss how an established healthcare quality culture integrates high reliability principles and values into the system.
  • Explore a Readiness Model when advancing leadership considerations for quality improvement, patient safety, and implementing high reliability principles

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