On-Demand: Gatorounds and the Rothman Index: Applying Championship Athletic Principles to Improve Patient Safety

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When UF Health needed a game plan to better align all members of its healthcare team, they opted to take a page from the University of Florida Gators’ athletics championship playbook. The Gainesville, Fla. health system enlisted the help of Gator coaches to incorporate athletic principles into care delivery. The result is Gatorounds, UF Health’s multidisciplinary approach to medical rounds that focuses on enhanced clinician communication to more efficiently and safely provide patient care.

But truly understanding a full picture of patient condition requires care team members to speak the same language. UF Health realized this need and decided to add PeraHealth’s Rothman Index to the game plan. Validated by 18 peer-reviewed publications, the Rothman Index leverages existing data from a hospital’s EHR to provide a universal score for predicting patient mortality and readmission risk.

Join us for this interactive webinar and learn how UF Health leverages Gatorounds and the Rothman Index to create a universal language for clinicians and keep score of patient condition to provide more efficient, effective care.

At the conclusion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Apply championship athletic principles – Playbooks, Understanding who is passing and who is receiving (customer-supplier relationships) and Game Films. To continually improve it is also important to keep score of each patient’s condition because just as in athletic teams this provides ongoing feedback for care team performance and allowed the medical team to continually improve their delivery of care.
  • Analyze EMR data (vitals, labs, nursing assessments) to identify patient condition deterioration and drive improvements in care efficiency, effectiveness.
  • Implement successful care team communication protocols, including SOAP and SBAR to better manage care over multiple shifts.
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