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Are Your Patients and Staff Safe from Pests?

59% of pest management professionals (PMPs) reported treating for bed bugs in nursing homes in 2018 according to a National Pest Management Bed Bugs without Borders Study.

The same study found that 36% of PMPs found bed bugs in hospitals.  This is just one insect pest that can be introduced and potentially infest health care facilities. In order to ensure your organization doesn’t become part of the statistic, there are 5 key areas you need to be focusing on:

  • Staff Education
  • Pest Sighting Reporting Process
  • Pest Management Partnership
  • Communication
  • Pest Thresholds

The question is, where do you stand? Do you meet the grade?

Take our latest quiz Are Your Patients and Staff safe from Pests? and find out if you have the processes and procedures in place to protection your employees and patients!

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