PSQH: The Podcast Episode 95 – How Technology Can Improve IV Safety

On episode 95 of PSQH: The Podcast, Gary Warren, CEO of ivWatch, talks about how technology can improve IV safety.

Gary Warren serves as president and CEO of ivWatch and has championed the development of non-invasive biosensors that fulfill a huge patient safety need in health care. Starting ivWatch in 2010, he assembled a team of leading scientists, clinicians, hospitals and investors to solve a common drug delivery problem of IV infiltration and extravasation. Warren has guided ivWatch through multiple ISO audits and FDA clearances for this breakthrough technology with ivWatch products now being sold on the international market.

Warren has a multidisciplinary background with a 14-year career as a research scientist at NASA in aerospace and computational fluid dynamics. He departed NASA to start a successful Internet infrastructure company in the mid-1990s and served as CEO until its sale to Symantec in 1999. At Symantec, Warren served as a senior vice president and oversaw advanced technologies, mergers and acquisitions and gateway software products. He also served as a member of the senior executive staff. After Symantec, Warren served as CEO for a venture-backed mobile platform company as smartphones were beginning to emerge as a market. After the sale of this company to Oracle, he worked for various venture capital companies doing financial analysis and due diligence which brought him to the work being done on IV infiltrations under a National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant. Since bringing over the core engineering talent and founding the company, Warren has grown ivWatch to an award-winning brand in health care that is setting a new standard in IV therapy care.

Listen to the episode below: