PSQH: The Podcast Episode 26 – How Healthcare Facility Design Can Improve Patient Safety

On episode 26 of PSQH: The Podcast, Dr. Tom Schwieterman, vice president of clinical affairs and chief medical officer of Midmark, talks about how healthcare facility design can help improve patient safety.

As Vice President of Clinical Affairs and Chief Medical Officer for Midmark Corporation, Dr. Tom Schwieterman has a profound understanding of the trends and issues driving the healthcare industry through significant change and evolution. His experience as a private practice physician for 12 years in a rural community gives him a unique perspective on problems and opportunities facing physician practices, especially at the point of care.

Since joining Midmark in 2007, “Dr. Tom” helps lead the company’s focus on innovative technology and new approaches that enrich experiences between caregivers and their patients at the point of care. Much of his time is focused on advising the development of clinical solutions, recognizing and understanding market trends, monitoring and providing insight on government regulations, and identifying and quantifying new innovations in the medical, dental, and animal health markets. He also targets optimal ways health information technology can improve caregiver efficiency and patient outcomes.

Listen to the episode below: