Vantage ID Applications Launches First Product in IVT Line – Quick-Band™

Stand-alone wristband station prints HIPAA and Joint Commission compliant wristbands

Chula Vista, CA, January 14, 2010 — Vantage ID Applications, a full service solution provider and industry experts in the areas of Bar Coding and Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC), announced the launch of the first product in their family of Identification, Verification and Tracking (IVT) solutions. Quick-Band™, a stand-alone wristband print station, enables health care providers to print HIPAA and JOINT COMMISSION compliant wristbands on-demand without the use of a PC.  

Quick-Band™ is the entry-level product in Vantage’s line of IVT solutions. It allows care givers to print HIPAA and JOINT COMMISSION compliant wristbands quickly and economically without network connectivity. Because Quick-Band™ does not rely on a PC or network connectivity; it can be rapidly deployed into an environment. “By taking wristband printing “off the grid”, we’re allowing health care providers the freedom and flexibility to move patient wrist banding closer to the point of care without extensive IT intervention”, said Lara Scott, President of Vantage ID Applications. “Also, because this is a stand-alone solution, Quick-Band™ can be used as a backup to primary patient admittance procedures during such events as unplanned network outages”, said Scott.

The Quick-Band™ print station includes Zebra Technologies’ HC100 wristband printer, Zebra Technologies’ KDU, 1 cartridge of Zebra (Adult, Child or Infant) thermal wristbands with anti-microbial coating and a pre-loaded, pre-formatted HIPAA/JOINT COMMISSION compliant wristband template for all three sizes. “It’s really a simple solution. Just plug in the devices, populate the fields, hit enter and you’re printing HIPAA/JOINT COMMISSION compliant wristbands within minutes,” said Robert Buntin, vice president of sales and marketing.

While Quick-Band™ can serve large hospitals in a supporting role; Scott maintains the print station is robust enough to be used as a primary solution for smaller facilities that are operating with or without a wireless backbone. “We’re seeing interest from a variety of facilities including veterinarians, animal hospitals, child day care facilities, mental health facilities, chemical dependency / rehabilitation centers, nursing homes and assisted living centers. The ease of use and price point makes this a very attractive solution for anyone who wants a quick and economical wristband station to identify, verify and track people or animals,” said Buntin.

?Quick-Band™ is available for immediate sale for $999. For more information, visit or call 866-234-8468.
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