PSQH: The Podcast Episode 96 – Making the Most of SDoH Data

On episode 96 of PSQH: The Podcast, Kenneth Young, president and CEO of Medecision, talks about the importance of Social Determinants of Health data.

Kenneth Young is an accomplished executive with a time-tested record of successful business performance. As the President and Chief Executive Officer of Medecision, he blends insightful business acumen with strategic planning and leadership to drive change and organizational improvements for growth. His expertise extends across diverse industries, including healthcare technology (ERP and SaaS), life sciences, manufacturing and professional services. A skilled collaborator and leader, Young’s experience spans executive roles in finance, operations and business transformation. At Medecision, he has held multiple roles critical to the company’s success, including Chief Financial Officer and Chief Transformation Officer. Young spearheaded Medecision’s initiatives to enhance financial performance and new business development, accelerate business strategy and drive transformation as an ongoing opportunity that leads to lasting success. He is a graduate of Villanova University and serves on the Advisory Boards of Healthy Engage and

Listen to the episode below: