Press Ganey Report Outlines Steps to Achieve Patient-Centered Care

Healthcare leaders must push for serious organizational change to keep up with the needs of patients and the culture of the workforce, according to a new Press Ganey report released this week. The report, Accelerating Transformation: Translating Strategy Into Action, outlines a road map for creating an organizational structure to improve safety, quality, patient experience, and workforce engagement.

The steps Press Ganey recommends include:

  • Align under one enterprise-wide transformational vision
  • Build a culture ready for change by engaging the workforce and empowering leaders
  • Adopt an integrated data and management strategy

“There is no shortcut or ‘easy button’ on the journey to delivering patient-centered care,” said Press Ganey Executive Chairman Patrick T. Ryan in a release. “For healthcare transformation to occur, leaders must gain a deep understanding of patients’ and caregivers’ needs and establish an integrated strategy to meet those needs reliably every day. An aligned culture working toward a shared vision is the single most important aspect to achieving transformation.”

Press Ganey recommends the adoption of transformational principles, including:

  • Commit to a goal of Zero Harm
  • Put patients at the center of the planning, delivery, and assessment of care
  • Recognize and define safety, quality, and patient-centric care as the primary elements of the patient experience
  • Drive change using data and transparency
  • Transform culture and leadership
  • Focus on accountability and execution

The report is available for download.