Pharmacy OneSource Adds Advanced Rule Logic to Sentri7

Bellevue, WA, May 12, 2009 — Pharmacy OneSource, Inc., software-as-a-service provider to more than 1,300 hospitals in the United States, announced today that new advanced rule logic has been added to Sentri7, a web-based clinical surveillance software application.

Sentri7 users have always been able to create lists that would quickly search patient data for combinations of conditions, drugs, lab results and other clinical information. With the new Advanced Rule Logic feature, Sentri7 users can now combine AND and OR functions into a single list.

“The advanced rule logic is very helpful and working well. I’m using it currently to clean up the dashboard and combine similar rules into a single rule. I converted four pediatric renal dysfunction rules into one!” said Brian Smith, PharmD, Critical Care Clinical Specialist at UMass Memorial Medical Center. “After this is done I’ll start looking for opportunities to optimize other rules with advanced logic. This new feature is nice, neat and saves a lot of space on the dashboard. Also these advanced rules are easy to create.”

With Sentri7, clinicians have a single point of access to lab results, medication records and patient demographics, data that currently reside in different systems. Clinicians can write rules against the data to identify at-risk patients.

“Our web-based platform is one of the greatest advantages for our customers,” said Keith Streckenbach, Chief Strategy Officer of Pharmacy OneSource. “The web platform allows us to much more rapidly improve our applications in response to customer requests, such as advanced rule logic, when compared to the slow response time of installed software upgrades.”

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