New Fall Alarm Sensor for Lightweight Patients Reduces Risk of Falls

May 26, 2010, Dedham, Massachusetts — AliMed has released a revolutionary new fall alarm sensor for beds and chairs that is based on proximity, not pressure. Unlike most fall alarm sensors that require weight to operate, this new sensor works on the closeness of the patient. This means it can be used on patients of any weight, on air mattresses, and even under the shoulders of a patient sitting up in bed. The benefit is that the sensor will trigger the alarm before the patient rises, as opposed to traditional sensor pads which do not trigger an alarm until the patient is up.

Jon Bretz, AliMed’s VP of Sales and Marketing said of the new sensor pads, “This is a major breakthrough and solves a number of problems facilities have faced in deploying effective fall alarms that work before the patient is up and moving. Because weight and pressure are not required to operate the sensor, it offers earlier warning to caregivers by placing under the patient’s shoulders in bed or on the back of a chair. This gives caregivers more time to reach the patient and helps reduce risk of a potential fall.”

The sensor is available in a short stay 30-day version using Tyvek™, which is highly durable and very thin, or a long-term-use version of Mylar™, which is easily cleaned and sanitized. The sensor comes with a separate module and a selection of cables, enabling it to work with a variety of fall alarms, not just the AliMed brand.

Bretz added, “This is a major advance in fall management technology because this sensor fits all commonly used fall alarms, so customers can update their existing fall alarms without purchasing an entire system. Because this sensor solves the early-warning issue, the lightweight patient issue, and the air mattress issue, it is something that facilities should pursue. The beauty of the Tyvek sensor is that it is single-patient-use and inexpensive. If you need a multiple-use sensor, the Mylar version fits your needs. This low cost sensor solves problems that alarms with older technology can’t.”

The new ‘Proximity’ sensors are ready to use with AliMed Fall Alarms. The TR2 tamper-resistant alarm is ready to use with the Mylar long-term sensor pad. (Product #711813 at $145, or with the Tyvek sensor pad #711455 at $139.75). Quantity discounts apply for volume purchases. For more information call 1-800-225-2610 or go onto, or see the video

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