Medical Simulation Corporation Introduces Central Line Management Program at the National Teaching Institute and Critical Care Exposition

Simulation-based program helps healthcare providers build competence and confidence while keeping infections at bay.
DENVER, May 11, 2009 — Medical Simulation Corporation (MSC) will launch the SimSuite  Central Line Management Program at AACN’s National Teaching Institute (NTI) and Critical  Care Exposition, the world’s largest conference for nurses who care for acutely and critically ill  patients, May 16-21, in New Orleans, LA. The Central Line Management Program is the latest  offering in a full menu of MSC simulation-based curriculum that address national initiatives led  by organizations, such as the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, Joint Commission,  Leapfrog, CDC and Medicare, to track and improve patient safety and quality in the hospital  setting.
Each year, an estimated 250,000 cases of central line-associated bloodstream infections  (CLABSI) occur in hospitals in the United States. These potentially preventable infections are  associated with an estimated mortality of 12 to 25 percent and an additional cost up to $56,000  per episode. MSC’s comprehensive SimSuite Central Line Management Program brings  together the best practices for central venous catheter insertion and management into a  comprehensive program that increases the competence and confidence® of all healthcare team  members.
“The SimSuite Central Line Management Program provides information on incidence,  prevalence, epidemiology, and direct and indirect costs associated with central line associated  bloodstream infections,” says Julibeth Petter, PhD, ACNS-BC, ANCC Board Certified Clinical  Nurse Specialist and SimSuite Central Line Management Program Author. “Providing this level  of detail increases learners’ understanding and motivates them to standardize and achieve best  practices for their patients.”
The SimSuite Central Line Management Program includes a web-based course and two types  of simulation that bring together national guidelines for CLABSI prevention and safe central line  insertion practices in a dynamic and hands-on training format. Patient care scenarios presented  on a human patient simulator allow participants to practice managing patients with central lines  and recognizing complications associated with central lines. The skills simulation allows  physicians and providers to practice central venous access using SonoSite® ultrasound  technology and a central venous trainer. MSC has selected SonoSite, Inc. as its preferred  ultrasound vendor for the SimSuite Central Line Management Program.

Benefits of the program for nurses and providers include documentation of competence and  compliance, standardized training across all team members, integration of best practices into  quality improvement programs and team training.
“Procedures such as central line placement occur in a team; therefore, the best learning environment should occur in a team. The SimSuite Central Line Management Program allows  healthcare providers to improve their teamwork skills as they work in their individual roles, and  have the opportunity to swap roles,” says Dr. Petter.

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