Joint Commission Eliminates Use of ‘Licensed Independent Practitioner’

By Karen Kondilis

The Joint Commission (TJC) will no longer use the term “licensed independent practitioner” in its hospital and critical access hospital standards. Starting February 19, 2023, the term “licensed practitioner” will be used.

According to a release on TJC’s website, “the revisions are consistent with current terminology used by The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Conditions of Participation,” and “better reflects the full scope of practice of licensed practitioners allowed by their license and permitted by state and federal law and regulation while keeping the intent of the requirement.”

TJC announced the changes on its prepublication standards page online, updating the hospital and critical access hospital standards to reflect the new terminology. It has also updated relevant glossary terms to reflect the changes.

The term licensed practitioner was added to the glossary, with the following definition: An individual who is licensed and qualified to direct or provide care, treatment, and services in accordance with state law and regulation, applicable federal law and regulation, and organizational policy.”