ITA Partners extends its oncology decision-support offerings with the launch of eviti™

eviti aligns physician and payer priorities and takes decision support beyond existing Pathways approaches with a breakthrough method of ensuring appropriate oncology treatment while streamlining reimbursement.

Philadelphia, August 4, 2010—ITA Partners, Inc., an independent, third-party expert with nearly a decade of experience supporting oncology treatment decisions and patient care, is extending its decision-support services with the introduction of eviti™. This innovative, breakthrough technology gives oncologists and insurers access to ITA’s independent, non-proprietary oncology treatment library of nearly 1,000 of the most appropriate, proven treatment options covering all modalities for more than 120 cancer types. eviti’s decision-support engine and comprehensive treatment knowledge-base automatically align the prescription of quality treatment with each patient’s insurance plan language at the point of prescribing. This transformative technology ensures the very best cancer treatment decision support is available for physicians and patients in any setting; streamlines workflows and reimbursement approval for physicians; and gives payers assurance that they are paying for quality, appropriate care from the start.

“Cancer includes a multitude of different diseases, each with dozens of possible treatment options. One of the biggest challenges for oncologists today is finding time in their increasingly busy schedules to keep up with the latest clinical and therapeutic advances in order to make the best, evidence-based treatment decision for each patient,” said Eduardo Beruff, chief executive officer and president of ITA Partners, Inc. “By providing oncologists with real time, actionable information at the moment of treatment decision, we can help them to choose from among the best treatment options for each patient in order to improve care, and lower risks and costs.”

Beruff continued, “eviti is unique in that the system helps oncologists select a treatment option that is both evidence-based and compliant with each patient’s insurance plan language. Additionally, if the physician chooses a regimen that is outside the patient’s plan language, ITA’s team of oncologists and oncology experts will facilitate a resolution with the insurance company.”

The central components of eviti include a patent-pending, web-based decision-support engine, along with one of the industry’s first and most comprehensive digital oncology treatment libraries, meticulously compiled from the world’s leading sources. Together, these provide access to the latest, nationally accepted evidence-based treatment standards for more than 120 cancer types, while also incorporating individual insurance plan language for each patient, all in real time. This integrated approach facilitates more efficient communication between oncologists and payers, reduces barriers to information flow and synchronizes treatment decision with treatment authorization and reimbursement. The design of eviti allows it to be used as a web-based application or as an integrated component within electronic health records software.

“Providers currently lack an efficient way to compare treatment recommendations with national standards and, in turn, often face delays and denials of reimbursement,” said Robert L. Comis, MD, chairman of ITA Partners, president and chairman of the Coalition of Cancer Cooperative Groups, group chair of the Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group (ECOG), and professor of medicine and director of the Drexel University Clinical Trials Research Center in Philadelphia. “eviti supports oncologists in their clinical decision making by putting the latest information at their fingertips.”

According to the National Institutes of Health, in 2008, the overall cost of cancer in the United States exceeded $228 billion.[i] These costs continue to increase steadily. In addition to exerting financial pressure on patients, oncologists and payers, variations in health care coverage threaten the ability to ensure access to high-quality care for all patients. Each of the participants in cancer care is affected in a different way by the complexity of therapeutic choices in cancer care and time lag between the prescribing of care and payer review, approval and reimbursement:
· Providers lack a real time way to compare treatment options with nationally accepted evidence-based treatment standards and may face delays and denials of reimbursement.
· Patients cannot always be sure they are getting the most appropriate treatment for their cancer, or whether their insurance plan will pay for it.
· Payers must determine if the member is receiving appropriate, cost-effective care within the scope of their plan benefits.

eviti utilizes an innovative, collaborative approach that evolves the treatment of cancer by providing oncologists with systematic access to the latest, comprehensive evidence-based treatment standards to support their clinical decision making, helping to reduce variability and ensure quality care is administered from the start. This benefits all participants in the cancer treatment process and allows the best cancer care to be available everywhere. This transformative, scalable approach brings transparency for payers to understand, manage, set reserves and reimburse for quality care.

About ITA Partners
ITA Partners is an independent company with nearly a decade of experience in transforming the quality of oncology care by aligning the interests of patients, physicians and payers to improve clinical outcomes and reduce costs. ITA is committed to ensuring that the best, most appropriate treatment for cancer is prescribed and followed from the start. The company utilizes the expertise of top oncologists and oncology nurses, as well as insurance experts and actuaries, all supported by proprietary technology, to fulfill its mission of providing evidence-based, unbiased support to all parties in the cancer care process. ITA has worked with more than 4,000 oncologists, in every setting (community, academic, hospital, and private practice). ITA contracts with health plans and other payers, and is not affiliated with any hospital, health system, pharmacy or pharmaceutical company. For more information, visit or