eMix Adds Ability to Preview Contents of Distributed Radiology Exams

Cloud Computing Platform for secure sharing of patient info accelerates access to reports and images with preview function.

San Diego, July 8, 2010 — eMix™, a new business venture incubated by DR Systems, announced that its cloud-based technology for sharing imaging studies and reports has added a new capability: eMix Preview – Any authenticated users can now preview the reports and images of any eMix exam package and save them directly into their EMR.

The preview images and reports can be accessed via any Web browser without downloading viewing software or the exam file. They can also be accessed on mobile phones or any other Web-enabled device such as the iPhone or iPad.  Users can then elect to convert the files to PDF for saving to an electronic medical record (EMR), hospital information system (HIS), or local computer.

“Previewing gives recipients rapid access to the exam to decide if they want to download full-resolution images and reports,” said Florent Saint-Clair, Program Director for eMix. “With this new feature a sender can easily invite a new recipient who has never used eMix to quickly and securely access vital diagnostic reports and images using a simple Web browser.”

Other key benefits of eMix Preview:

  • It allows a provider to dramatically speed up delivery of diagnostic results to virtually any other institution, physician or patient, no matter where the recipient is located or what HIS or EMR they use.
  • eMix Preview does not require a software download, allowing referring physicians at a hospital without download privileges to quickly view diagnostic information.
  • Recipients can use eMix Preview to immediately make results available in their EMR.

eMix, which stands for Electronic Medical Information Exchange, enables secure sharing of images and reports among disparate institutions and physicians via the Internet. The service is a groundbreaking part of the trend toward universal access to medical imaging and other electronic medical information.

The new Preview feature comes on the heels of another enhancement to eMix: the ability to import and share data from CDs, DVDs and other external media.

Using eMix is as simple as using email. The vendor-neutral technology eliminates the need for provider facilities to burn CDs, print films, or fax reports. Because eMix is a cloud-based, hosted service, users do not need to purchase or maintain any additional hardware or software.

eMix has been adopted by large and small medical facilities across the U.S. This adoption shows the scalability of the service, which is priced on a per-use or subscription basis.

“Preview makes patient records in EMR’s and HIS’s more complete, and helps providers achieve more meaningful use of their EMR” said Saint-Clair. “The medical community has long needed to enhance patient records in this way, but couldn’t easily overcome interoperability challenges between proprietary information systems. eMix solves this problem elegantly, as a service, without custom interfaces or any other hardware or software cost.”

About eMix
eMix is a new business venture incubated by DR Systems, one of the most respected names in healthcare information systems. Electronic Medical Information Exchange (eMix) is cloud-based technology developed for sharing medical imaging studies and reports between disparate healthcare facilities and physicians with the speed and simplicity of email. eMix will also facilitate the inclusion of patient images into electronic medical records (EMRs) and patients’ personal healthcare records (PHRs).

The B-to-B (business-to-business) capability of eMix will be followed with the launch of a patient portal for B-to-C (business-to-consumer) data exchanges, as well as a long-term storage feature with highly flexible user-driven storage rules and options. For more information, visit www.eMix.com or call 877-EMIX-MED (877-364-9633).

About DR Systems, Inc.
DR Systems, Inc. is the leading independent provider of enterprise imaging and information management systems for hospitals, integrated healthcare networks and diagnostic imaging centers. For more than 18 years, the company has helped over 600 hospitals and imaging center sites lower their cost of operation by improving management of patient information, eliminating film costs, and increasing workflow speed, while providing better clinical quality and patient care.  For more information, visit www.dominator.com or call 800-794-5955.