EDIMS and Clara Maass Medical Center Selected to Provide Medical Care Services at Red Bull Arena

Care at the New Jersey hospital’s stadium extension center made easy with EDIMS emergency department EHR connectivity.

Livingston, N.J., June 8, 2010 – Clara Maass Medical Center (CMMC), a 445-bed Belleville, N.J.-based hospital and affiliate of the Saint Barnabas Health Care System, announced that it has entered an agreement with the new soccer stadium in Harrison, N.J., Red Bull Arena, to provide emergency medical services at each arena event, including the New York Red Bulls’ soccer games. To enhance patient care at the stadium, CMMC is using EDIMS, its emergency department (ED) electronic health record (EHR) system, on-site, ensuring the seamless and secure exchange of patient information from the arena’s medical center to the hospital, and expediting the admissions process and care if/when patients are transferred to the hospital.

CMMC’s on-site, fully stocked first-aid room at the arena is manned by a physician and a physician’s assistant, as well as an ambulance and two emergency medical technicians (EMTs) for each event. Medical staff for the events can fully and securely access the EDIMS system through an on-site computer and a VPN connection, giving them the information and tools needed to make informed decisions in less time.

“Already, we are seeing the benefits of having a full electronic health record system at the stadium – better quality and expedited care,” stated John Fontanetta, M.D., F.A.C.E.P., chair of emergency medicine for CMMC. During the first stadium event, an elderly man, while enjoying the game with his sons and grandson, experienced shortness of breath and began to pass out. Security and the EMTs brought him to the first aid room. Dr. Fontanetta, the physician on staff, quickly diagnosed him with congestive heart failure and administered a complete set of medications to stabilize and treat that man’s condition. The CMMC medical team was then able to transfer the patient to the Medical Center’s emergency room, where his care was expedited because the complete medical event record from the stadium, including drug therapies administered, was already in the system. The man was admitted to the hospital and released after four days.

“Clara Maass Medical Center and EDIMS provide professional and state-of-the-art medical services for Red Bull Arena,” said Red Bull New York Managing Director Erik Stover. “Our relationship continues our commitment to ensuring a top-quality experience for our guests on event day.”

“We are pleased that our solutions are now assisting the Clara Maass medical team to provide care at Red Bull Arena. It’s a testament that our system helps clinicians make faster and more informed decisions at the point of care, and enables hospitals – and its medical extension centers – to drive ED quality, safety and efficiency to higher levels,” said Shane Hade, EDIMS’ CEO. “We look forward to helping provide superior care and support for the games and events at the state-of-the-art Red Bull Arena.”

For over 20 years, EDIMS LLC has been delivering enhanced emergency department (ED) operations through its interoperable ED information management systems. Its electronic health record (EHR) solutions, designed to support clinicians’ workflow and provide clinical decision support, are being used at 40 hospitals and long-term care facilities nationwide. EDIMS’ ability to provide comprehensive order entry, real-time charge capture, and to fully document ED patient encounters helps EDs improve reimbursement and enhance patient care while reducing the amount of time and effort involved in documentation and billing. For more information, visit http://www.EDIMS.net.

About Clara Maass Medical Center
Located in Belleville, NJ, Clara Maass Medical Center, an affiliate of the Saint Barnabas Health Care System, provides a complete continuum of care to residents of northern New Jersey.  Clara Maass centers and services include The Health and Wellness Center, Nuclear Medicine, The Cancer Center at Clara Maass, Diagnostic Cardiac Services including Cardiac Catheterization, Emergency Angioplasty and Rehabilitation, The Pain Management Center, The Joint & Spine Institute, a Vascular Center, Same Day Surgery, The Wound Center at Clara Maass, The Center for Sleep Disorders, The Bariatric Surgery Center, Rehabilitation Services, The Eye Surgery Center,  Maternity Services and Parent Education, as well as Pediatrics. For a physician referral or more information about Clara Maass, call 1-888-SBHS-123 or visit www.saintbarnabas.com.

About Red Bull Arena
Red Bull Arena is a world-class sports venue located in Harrison, New Jersey. The 25,000-seat stadium features a dynamic form roof that covers all of the seating and features 30 Skyboxes, three premium clubs, two retail outlets and a Kentucky Bluegrass field. Red Bull Arena is the home of the New York Red Bulls of Major League Soccer. Red Bull Arena is a privately funded stadium and owned by Red Bull GmbH, an Austrian company that produces the world’s leading energy drink. For more information, log onto www.redbullarena.us.