CIVCO’s RFSuite™ Enables Facilities to Satisfy Requirements Set out by MITA’s Radiation Therapy Readiness Initiative

Orange City, Iowa, July 19, 2010—Recently, the Medical Imaging Technology Association (MITA) presented a plan to the FDA titled “Radiation Therapy Readiness Check Initiative.” CIVCO’s new RFSuite is designed with the capability to support the requirements set out in MITA’s plan.

Designed to implement additional patient protection features, the plan encourages clinicians to confirm the correct patient is being treated, the correct treatment plan is delivered as intended, and the radiation therapy accessories and patient are positioned correctly prior to treatment. CIVCO’s RFSuite system will work in conjunction with this plan by confirming patient identity and verifying therapy accessories, thereby providing technologists, physicists and physicians with additional data and checkpoints needed to enable accurate and safe radiation therapy procedures.

“I am proud to announce that our first installation of RFSuite is scheduled for July at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD),” said Geoffrey Dalbow, Chief Technology Officer at CIVCO. “This installation will be followed by two more, in Europe, which are scheduled for September.” RFSuite and other innovative CIVCO solutions are providing the clinical community with the tools needed to address the new regulations and requirements, designed to enhance safety and ensure the effective delivery of radiation therapy.  RFSuite’s “hands free” design will also enhance the efficiency of the treatment verification process.    

Radiation therapy is a crucial element in the effective treatment of cancer and is responsible for curing millions of patients worldwide. Over the past year, a number of radiation therapy mistreatments have occurred both in the US and abroad, motivating government agencies to provide new safety recommendations. “RFID technology is uniquely positioned to have a major impact in radiation oncology,” said Todd Pawlicki, Director of Medical Physics at UCSD. “In addition to equipment and resource tracking, RFID will provide the real-time process data that can be used as the basis for comprehensive performance and safety improvement programs.”

The Joint Commission (JCAHO) and the Code of Federal Regulations (42 CFR 482 Sec. 482.21) require the hospital to develop, implement, and maintain an effective, ongoing, hospital-wide, data-driven quality assessment and performance improvement program. RFSuite is a unique and innovative way to ensure the safe and effective delivery of radiation therapy to millions of patients each year. For more information, visit AAPM booth #915 or

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