Aurora Health Care Selects Peminic Patient Safety Suite to Automatically Identify Near Misses and Adverse Safety Events by Utilizing New eSurveillance Capabilities Resulting in Improved Outcomes

Kansas City, MO, February 16, 2010 — Aurora Health Care has selected the Peminic Safety Suite to automatically identify near misses and adverse safety events by utilizing new eSurveillance capabilities resulting in safer healthcare and improved outcomes while also supporting improved communication and data sharing between the patient relation, risk, and safety teams.

Peminic eSurveillance connects to the electronic health records and identifies near miss and adverse events that require further action. Because much of the data is generated as the care is being provided, intervention opportunities are more real-time to the event itself. Healthcare organizations can implement prevention protocols before an event occurs or intervene with mitigation strategies near time to activate disclosure, apology and investigative steps as timely as possible. It also allows an organization to manage the workload associated with these efforts to reduce false positives and focus on client specific goals balanced with measured improvement or lack thereof.

“Aurora Health Care was created around a single idea: There is a better way to provide healthcare,” said Bruce Van Cleave, MD, senior vice president and chief medical officer, Aurora Health Care. “As we looked across the market we decided on the Peminic solution because it supports the three tenets of our strategic plan: simplify care for the patient, rapid adoption of best practices and designed for you.”

“The automated reporting mechanism was a key factor in the decision to partner with Peminic, as was the Root Cause Analysis solution,” said Kathy Rapala, JD, RN, DNP, director of clinical risk management at Aurora Health Care. “We also found the system very user friendly.”
“It was important to Aurora Health Care that Peminic could connect into their electronic system. The Peminic link will eliminate duplicate data entry and improve clinical intelligence across the healthcare systems,” said Bruce Matter, executive vice president, company growth & client satisfaction at Peminic.

“Peminic’s unique approach to eSurveillance, combined with the comprehensive integrated suite of quality, risk, and patient safety solutions, work together to improve team collaboration, better quantify risk, reduce medical errors and improve patient safety, satisfaction and loyalty,” said Charles E. Leonard III, board chairman and CEO of Peminic and former CEO and chairman of Solucient, Inc., now part of Thomson Reuters. “Clients tell us the most rewarding part of our solutions is the positive impact on the culture of safety in their organizations.”

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