The Use of Mobile Devices in Healthcare

Innovations in mobile health technology are transforming healthcare delivery across the globe

By Michael Leavy

What is mobile health?

The World Health Organization defines mobile health, more commonly known as mHealth, as “medical and public health practice supported by mobile devices, such as mobile phones, patient monitoring devices, personal digital assistants, and other wireless devices.”

The rise of mHealth technology

A hotbed of activity, mHealth is one of the leading tech areas when it comes to driving innovation. Between 2015 and 2018, the number of mHealth apps available for download doubled. Industry experts anticipate that this impressive growth rate will continue for many years and that the market will reach a whopping global value of $60 billion by 2020.

How are mobile devices being used in healthcare?

mHealth is playing a key part in the digital transformation of the medical and healthcare sectors. What’s more, this technology facilitates better communication between healthcare professionals, which in turn drives efficiencies and improves the speed and quality of patient care. It also provides a range of useful functionalities for patients. For example, patients can find trustworthy information, access a caregiver hotline, or track their symptoms.

Extending healthcare services in underserved regions

Mobile health technology can significantly enhance access to healthcare services in traditionally under-resourced areas. The ubiquity of smartphones and internet connectivity across the United States means there is an opportunity to improve health outcomes among those who live in remote regions with little access to medical information or care. The implementation of mHealth programs could provide a low-cost means of supporting a diverse range of healthcare functions in these regions.

Learn more

If you want to find out more about how mobile technology is revolutionizing healthcare, browse through the below infographic from Home Healthcare Adaptations. This fascinating guide explores the rise of mHealth and looks into some of the key benefits and challenges associated with this technology.

Michael Leavy is managing director of Home Healthcare Adaptations, a family-run company that specializes in adapting homes for the elderly and less abled.