News: Sentrian Focuses ‘Remote Patient Intelligence’ Capability on Chronic Disease

News: Sentrian Focuses ‘Remote Patient Intelligence’ Capability on Chronic Disease

Sentrian™, has developed technology that health plans can use to monitor and analyze data from patients’ remote biosensors, which allows the plans to anticipate health problems and intervene with treatment before patients are in acute need of care.

Sentrian, a new venture in health information technology (IT), announced its leadership team and initial funding at the Exponential Medicine Conference held at Singularity University in San Diego in November. Peter Diamandis, founder and chairman of the X Prize Foundation and co-founder of Singularity University, said, “The idea for Sentrian was born out of one of the first Singularity University Executive Programs and is a great example of how small teams leveraging accelerating technologies can make a massive impact.

The Sentrian Remote Patient IntelligenceTM (RPI) platform includes cloud-based analytics and integration with remote biosensors and information systems such as electronic medical records and disease and population management systems. Physicians prescribe sensors and tailor rules for individual patients. Deviations in the parameters prompt automated notifications to care managers.

Dean Sawyer, Sentrian co-founder and CEO, explains, “Our platform leverages the exponential growth in biosensors and machine learning and is intended to detect the subtle signs that warn of an impending problem before the patient becomes acute and requires hospitalization.”

Sentrian’s RPI platform is currently being tested by large health insurance plans in controlled studies involving thousands of patients.  The company expects to announce the results of those studies in 2015.

In addition to Sawyer, Sentrian’s executive team includes Founder, Chairman, and Chief Medical Officer Jack Kreindler, MD; Chief Medical Scientist Marty Kohn, MD; and Chief Technology Officer Lance Myers, PhD. The firm’s initial investors include Reed Elsevier Ventures, Frost Data Capital and TELUS Corporation.

Kevin Brown, general partner of Reed Elsevier Ventures, is enthusiastic about Sentrian’s potential for reducing hospital readmission and improving value: “As healthcare moves from volume to value-based reimbursement, tackling preventable hospital admissions becomes an imperative. Sentrian has assembled a dream team of entrepreneurs, technologists and physicians and has developed the only analytics platform we’ve seen capable of taking advantage of multivariate remote patient monitoring sensor data at scale.”