July / August 2009


Are you prepared for the coming changes
in the health care system?

Recently, Sens. Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) and Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) and Rep. Diana DeGette (D-CO) introduced the National Health Care Quality Act (H.R. 2252). The bill would create an Office of National Health Care Quality Improvement under the Executive Office of the President, which would work with public and private stakeholders to establish health care quality priorities for the nation, and coordinate quality improvement efforts across federal agencies. In addition, the sponsors said the bill would expand the authority of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality “to improve the public-private process for health care quality measure development and to streamline the implementation of quality improvement measures within federal health programs under the jurisdiction of HHS.”

Get prepared. Become certified in Health Care
Quality and Management.

Accountable health care leaders in physician organizations, hospitals, care management organizations, and managed care entities will need to demonstrate their understanding of quality techniques and tools that can reduce medical errors, ensure patient safety, eliminate waste and unnecessary services, and avoid potentially harmful delays in care. The result is a safer, more efficient and cost-effective system that better satisfies the needs of patients, providers, purchasers, and payers.

Professionals who have achieved certification in Health Care Quality and Management (HCQM) are deeply committed to patient safety, health care quality, and effective care. Those certified in HCQM have demonstrated superior skills in their ability to critically evaluate the literature, identify evidence-based best practices, and make a recommendation that balances appropriateness of services with cost and quality. HCQM certification addresses the need for effectiveness, efficiency, equity, safety, and timeliness.

The importance of health care quality and patient safety has never been more in focus than today. Have you demonstrated your commitment to health care quality? Contact the American Board of Quality Assurance & Utilization Review Physicians today to begin the process and achieve Board Certification in Health Care Quality and Management!

Call Barbara Chalmers at (800) 998-6030, extension 116
ABQAURP is the only Health Care Quality and Management (HCQM)
organization with an examination developed, administered, and evaluated
through the National Board of Medical Examiners’ (NBME) testing
expertise. ABQAURP and the NBME collaborate on the planning,
development, analysis, and scoring of the certification examination.
The NBME’s involvement in the certification process reflects ABQAURP’s
dedication to establishing Health Care Quality and Management as a
specialty with definable standards upheld by knowledgeable experts.


2009 HCQM Board Certification Examination
The 2009 International Health Care Quality & Management Board Certification examination window is September 15 – November 15. If you have not yet sat for the board examination, please apply early to ensure your testing date and location will be available.

Already HCQM certified?

Individuals who perform or are involved in any of the activities below have the opportunity to enhance their existing clinical credentials by obtaining Sub-Specialty certification. This option is a reflection of ABQAURP’s continual evolution into the many associated areas of Health Care Quality and Management.

Additional certifications are available in the following categories:

  • Case Management
  • Managed Care
  • Patient Safety / Risk Management
  • Workers’ Compensation

Congratulations to ABQAURP’s Vice Chairman and Diplomate Joseph G. Vitolo, MD, CHCQM, for his recent accomplishments. Dr. Vitolo, Diplomate since 1986, has successfully become certified by the American Society of Addiction Medicine and was also awarded Diplomate status from the American Board of Addiction Medicine in 2009.

Upcoming ABQAURP Accredited Events

World Research Group
8th Annual Optimizing Hospital Patient Flow Conference
May 18 — 19, 2009
Orlando, FL

World Research Group
3rd Annual Clinical Trials & Billing Management Conference for Hospitals & Institutional Sites
July 27-28, 2009
Boston, MA

World Research Group
Ortho Biz: The Business Conference for Orthopaedic Services of Excellence
July 28-29, 2009
Chicago, IL

World Research Group
4th Annual Disaster Planning for Hospitals Conference
August 3-4, 2009
Chicago, IL

World Research Group
Operation Room Business Management Forum for Hospitals and ASCs
August 4-5, 2009
Chicago, IL

World Research Group
Pain Management for Health Plans Conference
August 4-5, 2009
Boston, MA

World Research Group
Proven Strategies to Transform Cardiac Care
August 6-7, 2009
Chicago, IL

American Association of Orthopaedic Medicine (AAOM)
AAOM Workshop – Orthopaedic Medicine and Restorative Injection Therapy for the Neck, Back, Upper Extremities and the Foot and Ankle
August 14-15, 2009
Thornton, CO

ABQAURP Introduces Mentor Program
New for the 2009 Health Care Quality Management (HCQM) certification exam window, ABQAURP introduces a Mentor Program. Each year, a team of Diplomates will be asked to volunteer to support their new membership organization. Commitments from the Diplomates will be for one exam window only. Who better to provide first hand experience than Diplomates who have already successfully completed the certification examination process? This program is being introduced to the 2009 HCQM certification exam candidates.

A Mentor Diplomate will be paired with a 2009 exam candidate requesting a mentor to inquire about personal experience and reflection on the HCQM certification examination. Mentors will be assigned according to the specific need of the exam candidate, e.g. same specialty or international candidate. Contact will be made via email or telephone. Mentor Diplomates will have the opportunity to share their experiences and offer their techniques on how they prepared for the exam.

ABQAURP is confident this program will be a valuable resource to exam candidates wishing to speak to a mentor, as well as Diplomates eager to participate in the long-standing and growing ABQAURP organization. ABQAURP is excited about launching this new program and looks forward to the rewarding experience for the new Diplomates and exam candidates.

Diplomates and exam candidates work side by side to build your organization even stronger for the future.

If you are interested in applying for the HCQM certification exam or volunteering for the Mentor
Program, please contact Barbara Chalmers at 800-998-6030, ext.116.


Peer Review: The Fundamental Background
of Quality Management

November 7, 2009
Lake Buena Vista, FL


Is Your Medical Education Accredited?

ABQAURP welcomes applications for joint sponsorship of educational
activities for continuing education credit. ABQAURP accredits a variety
of activities, including:

• Live Activity • Internet Activity Live
• Enduring Material • Internet Activity Enduring Material
• Journal-based CME • Performance Improvement

is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical
Education (ACCME) to sponsor continuing medical education for
physicians and is also accredited by the Florida Board of Nursing to
sponsor nursing contact hours. As an accredited provider, ABQAURP is
here to work with each joint sponsor organization to ensure the
accreditation process runs as smoothly as possible. Benefits of working
with ABQAURP include: one-on-one assistance, on-site assistance,
contact for speakers and commercial supporters, evaluation compilation,
website placement, and advertising in the Patient Safety & Quality Healthcare magazine.

believes that ongoing continuing education in new research, identified
problem areas in clinical practice, and areas of interest in the
quality assurance, utilization review, risk management, and managed
care fields is a worthy endeavor to pursue. Participants improve the
efficiency, effectiveness, and quality of health care delivered to the
patients to improve the overall clinical outcome. Plus, each activity
encourages participants to put into practice knowledge learned and
assess the impact. Innovative courses provide important updates and
practical tools for all health care professionals. These activities
ensure that participating health care professionals receive up-to-date
information on the ever-changing health care environment.

For more information, please call
Greg Zeaman at (800) 998-6030, ext. 118.

Want to be featured in Patient Safety and Quality Healthcare? ABQAURP wants to recognize members for their achievements in advancing the field of health care quality management and patient safety. Please send your news to ABQAURP by email to feature@abqaurp.org for consideration.

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