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Upcoming: Reducing Medical Errors and Improving Patient Safety with Positive Patient Identification Webcasts Patient Safety
Sponsored by - Quantros
Measuring the Real Impact of Clinical Documentation Improvement On Value-based Reimbursement
Whitepapers Quality Improvement
Sponsored by - Society of Hospital Medicine
Using Society of Hospital Medicine Mentors to Jumpstart Hospitals to Improve Glycemic Controll
Whitepapers Patient Safety
Sponsored by - Minitab
A Hand in Transforming Healthcare Quality
Whitepapers Quality Improvement
Sponsored by - Nora Systems
Rubber Flooring Supports Reimbursement Drivers of Affordable Care Act
Whitepapers Environment and Facilities
On-Demand: Automating Informed Consent – Moving from Paper to Electronic Consent Forms Webcasts Technology
On-Demand: Revolutionizing Renal Care with Predictive Analytics for CKD Webcasts Technology
On-Demand: Gatorounds and the Rothman Index: Applying Championship Athletic Principles to Improve Patient Safety Webcasts Patient Safety