LiveData Launches iPad App for PeriOP Manager

LiveData, a leading innovator in real-time data integration and display technology, has announced an iPad app for its perioperative workflow system, PeriOp Manager. Coordinating patient flow, patient care and related resources from preoperative assessment to discharge in real-time, PeriOp Manager automates manual processes and synchronizes workflow throughout the entire perioperative suite to create an optimal care environment for staff and patients alike.

With the addition of the iPad app, access to PeriOp Manager’s real-time workflow performance information is extended to clinicians and healthcare managers overseeing the operating room, no matter where they are located. They can proactively make decisions using the data to coordinate staff and resources that impact running the OR effectively and safely. PeriOp Manager streamlines OR throughput and promotes full compliance with CMS, Joint Commission and other critical patient safety mandates.

“Clinicians are adopting mobile platforms like Apple iPads as their device of choice to access information wherever and whenever they need it,” said Jeffrey Robbins, president and CEO of LiveData. “Our clients asked us to extend access to LiveData information and we responded with our iPad app. Now clinicians and healthcare executives, both within and outside the perioperative suite, can take advantage of the information, viewing potential performance barriers in real time from pre-op milestones to discharge.”

LiveData’s PeriOp Manager combines real-time data integration with workflow automation. OR-Dashboard enables nurses, surgeons, anesthesiologists and OR technicians to work more effectively as a team and achieve full compliance with patient safety protocols. It actively helps the team meet and document Joint Commission and CMS mandates with reminders, electronic checklists, and other real-time operational tools for facilitating best practices including patient safety alerts, Active Time Out surgical safety checklists and antibiotic re-dosing timers.

The iPad app offers access and visibility into the exact workflow for each patient to a wider audience of interested parties using hospital-secured networks. Along with the interactive displays in the OR suite and now on iPads, PeriOp Manager securely uses cell phones, pagers, and other mobile devices to coordinate patient care, safety initiatives and resource utilization.