Diversinet Introduces mobiHealth Wallet with Patient-Centered Health Information

Diversinet Corp., a leader in secure mobile health that “Powers Care Coordination through Mobility,” has announced mobiHealth Wallet™, a secure, personalized virtual container for downloading, entering, managing and sharing personal health information. The mobiHealth Wallet is compatible with the U.S. federal government’s Blue Button Initiative and supports more effective healthcare coordination, personalization and mass customization of care. With the mobiHealth Wallet and the ability to configure or build a set of unlimited interoperable mHealth applications, the industry now has an effective mobile solution for provider-patient engagement.

“Mobile healthcare is evolving and bringing forth innovation at an unprecedented pace,” said Diversinet CEO Dr. Hon Pak. “However, most mobile solutions offered today will not be sustainable or effective without a common framework for interoperability and patient- or consumer-centered engagement. mobiHealth Wallet makes it easy for patients to download and manage their data from various sources and to enter profile and survey information to be shared with providers and other caregivers.”

An important feature of mobiHealth Wallet is that it allows patients to use the Web or mobile devices to create and update unique health profiles, including preferences, lifestyle characteristics and social determinants of health over time. A patient can choose a primary language and preferred methods of communication with providers or caregivers, including voice calls, e-mail or text messages. Patient profiles, along with data sent from interoperable mobile applications – such as medication adherence and mood trackers – allow providers to understand a patient’s adherence and behavior patterns and to customize health interventions. For example, providers can match services to attributes and to behavioral and psychosocial characteristics, such as exercise, sleep and dietary habits.

“The reality is that patients see multiple providers in diverse settings over a lifetime,” Pak said. “While U.S. federal government initiatives are under way to achieve interoperability, the healthcare industry still has too much fragmentation of healthcare data, resulting in suboptimal care coordination. mobiHealth Wallet allows the patient to be the driver and gatekeeper by managing personal health information and sharing it with multiple providers and payers in ways that have not been available to date.”

In October, Diversinet’s mHealth platform became the first to have its encryption technology awarded Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140-2 validation. Diversinet is the only mobile health solution that can store, parse and share Blue Button data on a mobile device with FIPS 140-2 certification. The Blue Button Initiative is being embraced widely by federal agencies, healthcare providers, payers and pharmacy chains. Diversinet is among more than 400 members of the Blue Button pledge ecosystem – a group expected to grow under a requirement of Stage 2 of the HITECH Act’s meaningful use incentive program for physicians to provide patients with information on visits. Diversinet intends to market mobiHealth Wallet on an enterprise basis to application developers and to healthcare organizations, including providers, payers, population-health companies and medical device makers. The company plans to further develop mobiHealth Wallet’s engagement model, including expanding patient-generated preferences and social determinants of health using an open framework.

About Diversinet
Diversinet Corp. (TSX Venture: DIV, OTCQB: DVNTF) is answering the challenges of today’s healthcare landscape with a secure enterprise mobile healthcare platform and integrated solutions. This technology can be leveraged and customized quickly to meet the ever-changing needs of healthcare organizations and patients – driving patient, provider and payer communications and improved outcomes while lowering costs. Learn more about Diversinet at www.diversinet.com.