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IMCO Technologies Debuts ED Discrepancy Module

IMCO-STAT ED Discrepancy is designed to streamline the workflow process of ED physicians sending critical patient diagnosis to the radiologist. The system notifies the radiologist of the ED information and allows the radiologist to agree or disagree with the ED diagnosis based on the exam. If there is a discrepancy, the system automatically alerts the ED physician for immediate attention, and creates an audit trail of all communications.

This module is part of the IMCO Technologies line of products used to enhance communications between hospital departments.

IMCO-STAT is a Critical Test Results Management (CTRM) solution that is capable of sending messages from Radiology, Laboratory, and other areas by means of secure text messaging, secure e-mail, and secure paging via a variety of cross-platform devices such as workstations, laptops, tablet PCs, PDAs, smart phones, BlackBerry, any UC platform, and other wireless devices.  IMCO-STAT provides closed-loop reporting using automatic receipt confirmation, and an events log to provide an audit trail.  IMCO-STAT CTRM utilizes a flexible software design to tailor an effective CTRM solution for the workflow of each customer facility.  Using IMCO-STAT CTRM will save radiologists time, ensure fast delivery and acceptance of alerts by physicians, provide results tracking and management reports.

About IMCO Technologies
IMCO Technologies is celebrating its 21st year as an innovator in the information management marketplace. IMCO produces, sells and services software solutions in hospitals, imaging centers, radiology reading groups and clinical laboratories.  Product development centers on the principles of 1) ease of use, 2) system configurability and modularity, 3) fast performance, 4) affordability, and 5) adherence to industry standards.


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